About Us

With a love for the entertainment industry and a passion for people, Social Selfies offers priceless experience for everyone that interacts with their booth.

Not only do we have the largest interactive touch screen mirror for all your events to make your occasion one to remember, but we bring the fun with our amazingly enthusiastic team to entertain your guests as they’re capturing the magic at your special occasion.
Let your guests share their photos online or have them print out, either way, Social Selfies is going to make your event one to remember!!

Entertainment Manager

Stephen Abi-rached

Stephen has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years now and has a passion to entertain.

With his enthusiastic nature he will surely make your guest laugh

Operations Manager

Patrick Nakhl

Patrick works as our operations manager and has a passion for entertainment.

Patrick ensures every moment of your event is perfect from start to finish while providing entertainment and support for your guests

Marketing and Administration Manager - AKA

Daniella Abi-rached

With experience in design, Daniella is responsible for the start and end of your experience with Social Selfies.

Daniella Makes sure every aspect of the booth fits into the theme of your event from screen design to backdrops to even props.

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